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Please verify all information and report any discrepancies immediately, Company is not responsible if a discrepancy is not reported.   All changes to reservations within 24 hours of service MUST be called to our office @ 570-556-4777 and confirmed with office personnel.


Booking: - Client hereby authorizes Company to charge a 20% deposit at the time of reservation, which is non-refundable for any reason per the terms of this contract. Reservations within (2) weeks of service date will be charged in full at the time of booking. All reservations require a credit card to be on file, regardless of the payment method. Unless otherwise specified, Client authorizes Company to charge any additional fees to the credit card provided. All balances are due, in full, (14) days before the service date. Services booked and canceled on the same day will be charged the non-refundable 20% deposit, regardless of the reason.  An additional fee of $30-$50 will be charged for services solicited or changed within 24 hours of scheduled pick-up time, or for services booked (and scheduled for same) after 5pm Friday through Monday 8am.

Airport/Seaport: - Company monitors all commercial flights but not train or ship schedules. Grace periods are as follows:  45 minutes for domestic arrivals and 60 minutes on international arrivals, 15 minutes for train arrivals, or 30 minutes for cruise ships. After the grace period, wait time will be charged at ½ the hourly rate beginning with the first minute.

No Show/Cancellations: If the chauffeur is unable to reach Client (or a representative of Client) within 15 minutes of the scheduled pickup time, or  the service will be considered a no-show and results in a full charge to Client (the chauffeur will leave the pickup location.  If Client is not in the vehicle within 15 minutes of the scheduled or pre-arranged pickup time, wait time charges will begin to occur. Services canceled after our chauffeur is en route will be charged in full. 

Cancellations with (30) days or less notice for (8) or more passenger vehicles or less than (24) hours notice for all other vehicles will be billed the total contract price.  Failure to properly contact someone personally to cancel or adjust a reservation will result in full charges of original services.  Company at its sole discretion will have the option of offering credit for deposits made- for services scheduled no more than 6 months from the original service date- to be applied to another rental of equal or greater value than the original rental, the vehicle based upon availability. There will be no refunds for deposits if a reschedule is not made or if reschedule date is more than 6 months beyond the original service date.

Billing/Fees: - A $10 fee (per transaction) will be assessed for any credit card payments refunded for any reason and a $5 fee (per transaction) will be added for more than (2) requested credit card payments.  Overtime charges are billed beginning from the first minute after the scheduled drop-off time. Pickups or drop offs outside of our local radius may be billed an additional fee. Any parking fees are the sole responsibility of Client, paid at the time of service. Services are billed at an hourly rate with a maximum of 2 pick up and/or drop off locations - additional pick-ups and/or drop-off locations are charged an additional $25 fee per location).

Holidays: A $25 holiday fee will be added to the base fare for the following holidays: Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

Client Responsibility: - Company cannot provide car seats; however, we will gladly secure yours prior to, during, and/or after your travels. The client is responsible for any overtime charges and all damages incurred to the limousine committed by his/her party during the service time, either willfully or accidentally. (Rips, spills, scratches, vomiting, smoking, etc.).  A fee of $250 will be incurred if there is any vomiting or excessive cleanup required.  Damages to or missing equipment will be charged at repair or replacement cost.  Charges for loss of use or revenue due to any of the above may apply.  SMOKING, UNDERAGE DRINKING, USE OF NARCOTICS OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ARE PROHIBITED AND WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF THE TRIP.  Chauffeur has the right to terminate the trip, without refund, if he/she feels that the party is not abiding by Company rules or is putting the vehicle or the chauffeur at risk. Company is not liable for any lost, misplaced, damaged, or forgotten personal property of the customer or customer’s guests.  Company will hold lost & found for 72 hours ONLY- the property owner is responsible for contacting the Company to retrieve any found property.

Legal: - Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity.  The customer understands and accepts that Acts of God, unforeseen traffic inclement weather, mechanical difficulties, delays due to traffic conditions, or any unforeseen events beyond the reasonable control of Company may impact arrival or departure times. These unforeseen events are beyond the control of Company, for which Company shall not be liable to the customer.  No refunds can be given as a result of late arrivals due to such conditions or other occurrences out of the reasonable control of Company or chauffeur. In the event of a vehicle breakdown, all efforts will be made to supply a replacement vehicle. In case of an emergency, Company may subcontract his rental to another limousine service. If a replacement vehicle is sent &/or a customer refuses a replacement vehicle, no refund is due. For complaints and information, contact the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission at (800) 782-1110 or at Include Company name and A-6916934 for all complaints.

Disclaimers:  The Customer (Client) agrees to the following terms and conditions of the contract of Central PA Limousine & Car Services, LLC (Company) unless stated in writing otherwise. Central PA Limousine & Car Service, LLC (Company) reserves the right to modify this agreement and/or rates, at any time without prior notice. See our website for the most up-to-date revision.  The rate provided at the time of booking is an estimate of the cost and may not reflect additional fees as determined by the changing market conditions at the time of service.  Additional charges may be incurred due to any modifications to your trip before, during, or after service.

Effective 1/11/23

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